Trip to Saint Quentin 2017

The recent exchange trip to visit our French friends and running compatriots in Saint Quentin was, as usual, a great experience! Eating, drinking, chatting, laughing, with a bit of running and a bit of culture added to the mix.

A very early start meant seventeen slightly subdued members of Maltby Running Club arrived at the Hotel Florence, alighting from our huge, executive coach - which then became stuck in the narrow, one way street because of parked cars. (We learnt the following day that our driver had reversed back up the street under cover of darkness...) We were met by several members of ACPI, our twinned running club, and first went to a civic reception in their beautiful town hall, where there were speeches, a glass of wine and plenty of entente cordiale! Then we were taken for a typical French meal, provided by them, of pate, cold meats, cheese, quiche etc. and delicious bread. Various accompanying wines and beers helped the flow of English/French and gesticulation! 'Rinse and repeat' at various times throughout our stay!

As usual we were taken on guided tours - to a Medieval castle which was being restored - if you think we have trouble with fly tipping - it took volunteers five years to clear tons of rubbish left there!

Also on the agenda was a visit to a Familistere, established in 1860, providing work, housing, education, entertainment, shops and more, all promoting a healthy lifestyle on one massive site with gardens. Sadly, it didn't last long after the founder Jean-Baptiste Godin died but the factory is used by Crueset today. That's your culture bit done with!

The race was run on their bank holiday, the Monday. Some of us did the 7km walk. Barbara, Caroline and Christine ran the 17(and a half!) km race. Brian, Dave, Jan, Jim, John and Paul ran the 10km. How to explain? Some of it went a little pear shaped. ( Can races do that?) Anyway -the setting was beautiful, through woodland but with some excrutiating hills thrown in, and run over various laps. It may have been the language barrier, it may have been a lack of signs and marshals, but some runners did less than they intended, some did more than they intended and a few actually got it right but all were thoroughly confused! We came away with several pieces of silverware though.

We are, as usual, very grateful to the members of ACPI for all the work and time put into the planning and execution of said plans (we know what it entails) and to all the members who turned out to see us, fed us, travelled with us, ran with us and smiled throughout. Dominique Dubreuil especially, was with us most of the time and barely saw his family for several days!

If it all sounds good - and you may have seen the photos to prove it was - come with us next time!

Ladies London Memories

Two MRC ladies did the club proud this year at the London Marathon. Gail Barber and Linda Foy completing her first marathon had a great time in London. This is their respective stories.

Gail's Story

A few years ago, I would never have dreamed I would run the London Marathon, but after joining MRC and having the encouragement of everyone at the club I've done it!

The morning of the race arrived and after a steady walk to the start zones at Greenwich Park it I joined the throngs of runners gathering to get ready. I said bye to my hubby and he began the 9 mile walk to the finish.

As the start time approached it was into the line-up and the race is preceded with an eruption of discarded clothing and last minute warm ups. OFF WE GO! - but It's a walk / shuffle to the timing start before things quickly pick up.
Everyone says it's the crowds that make this a great marathon, and straight away the vibe from the spectators was wonderful. I was surprised at first when hearing my name called several times but quickly realised that was because I had plastered my name in big letters across my chest - certainly worth it!

The 1st few miles through Woolwich & Greenwich although residential were completely lined with people and I ran along the edge with a big smile, tapping the hands of the small kids as I ran along feeling 'epic'. (the only down side was water bottle hopping!) One of the most memorable parts is the iconic Tower Bridge which was phenomenal - what an experience! - wish I could bottle it.

After that 'high' I noticed things' getting harder, my pace was dropping a little. With no real plan, I had been trying to keep the 3.30 flag in my sights for as long as possible! but it was slipping away - never mind -just go with it, I knew pushing too hard wasn't a good idea - better to have a slower time than a 'DNF'! you never know if that little extra will push you over the edge. It didn't help that the following areas in Canary Wharf & Isle of Dogs etc. had fewer spectators in places and so had less encouragement. At last it was back past Tower Bridge for the last stretch. Victoria Embankment was a welcome sight and again the crowds were awesome, but those last miles were hard work! I hoped the cheers would revive me but I couldn't muster the zing of the 1st half. The smile dropped. Even the turn along St James Park seemed an eternity! 'I'm never doing this again!' I thought

! The last stretch along the Mall! - The last 200m, - oh for a sprint finish! No way! -steady plod to the Finish line. . I'd like to say I'd seen the Royals, waved to them, given a high five etc. but I didn't! I probably wouldn't have recognised them anyway! I was concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other!

My finish time - 3hrs 40mins 48secs - not a PB but I had run 26.62 miles! so running at the edge cost me an extra 0.4 miles! but it was worth it for the cheers. Would I do this again? I wasn't so sure after I made myself sick drinking the 'Lucozade 'at the end (big mistake - but we live and learn!) but I've made the 'good for age' time so probably!

Linda's Story

Can I say a big thank you to the club for supporting me along my London marathon journey. I have received tremendous support and encouragement with my training and really touched by your generosity of sponsorship for my chosen charity the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

It was an amazing day as all the hard work paid off and although Mr Potato Head sprinted past me at 24 miles I was so proud of myself completing in 4 hrs 51 mins 29 secs.

I had the pleasure of sharing the experience with one of our fellow club members Emma who really looked after me .I am so proud of what she has achieved and wish her well on Sunday with her first half marathon.

I admit that I did stop and walk at 23.5 miles. My legs just needed to stretch out and my arms felt really heavy. I did try my best to fight it and gave myself a right talking to!

One day I will be back and run all the way.

Yes I did cry at the finish but I had been fundraising for over 18 months and fighting for awareness and inclusion for children in schools. It has been an emotional journey with more children receiving support and so rewarding to see some of them with Type 1 attending Park Runs with their whole families

Maltby Memorial Run - 3rd May 2017

The Memorial Run is an annual event organised by the club in memory of much missed members Les Trueman, Malc Smith and Sandra Lowndes.

This year, a record field of 106 runners completed the ten-kilometre course on a very cold evening on a course that proceeds from Maltby down to the beautiful Roche Abbey to Slade Hooton and Hooton Levitt before returning to Maltby.

The course is very challenging and incorporates, tracks, fields and road. First over the line in a very tight finish was Killamarsh Kestrels Paul Reaney in a time of 39 minutes 48 seconds followed 3 seconds later by Ben Hague of Rotherham Harriers. Fellow Harrier Simon Holt finished 3rd in a time of 40:38.

It was a good night overall for the Harriers as Lizzie Hutson took the Ladies prize in a time of 44:02 finishing 15th overall. Catherine Eddison, also of the Harriers was 2nd lady in a time of 45:06 with Rebecca Hunt of Kimberworth Striders 3rd in a time of 47:10.

One note of sadness from an otherwise very successful night was the injury to Rotherham Harriers stalwart Peter Humphries, who tripped and fell whilst leading the over 70s category. The good news is that Peter has recovered and the club are presenting him with a prize has well.

A full list of results can be found in Race Results.

waterway 30

Waterway 30 2017 Race report
On a damp, cold morning in January, two MRC ladies, Gail Barber and Barbara Lowndes, ran the Waterway 30 trail race. This fairly new event is organised by Robbie Staton of HOBO Pace. HOBO Pace aims to promote trail running around the Nottinghamshire area and organises several local trail races throughout the year. The Waterway 30 sees runners tackle a circular route of 32 miles from South Wheatley, near Retford, via the Chesterfield Canal and the River Trent. 162 runners set off and there was a great atmosphere from the start. Ultra running tends to bring out the best in runners, who (usually) exchange a few cheerful words with others along the way. This camaraderie extended to the marshals and the volunteers at the aid stations, who dispensed jelly beans, nut butter sandwiches and enthusiastic encouragement. The kit list was extensive, but not strictly enforced, although everyone was clearly well prepared with waterproofs, survival blankets, head torches and emergency flapjacks. It ought to have been simple, as the navigation involved running mostly canal and riverside paths and there were few climbs. However, due to 12 hours of continuous rain beforehand it was slippery mud all the way. The muddy trail seemed to sap energy from our legs and every stile was more difficult than the last. Despite the conditions underfoot it was mostly runnable apart from one very boggy section at about the 29-mile mark – the last thing you need when you’re approaching exhaustion! There was a lovely surprise waiting for runners at the finish – a personalised finisher’s medal and a running vest – mine was a perfect fit. The race entry fee was reasonable for this sort of event, which makes a nice change. Would I recommend it? Yes – it is short enough to be a first ultra, relatively flat, easy navigation, friendly, well organised, good value and local – this last point being important if you like to recce courses beforehand. It is probably all the more challenging due to the time of year so if you can complete this you are without doubt a fully paid-up ultra-distance runner.

Maltby Memorial Race 2017

Wednesday 3rd May 2017
Maltby Catholic Club,
S66 7LE
6.15pm for 7pm start

A superb and undulating trail race of 6.3 miles, with 1.1 mile being on the road. Run over stiles, streams, fields and on paths.
The race is in memory of past members and friends.

Entry Fee £5.00 (unattached £7.00)
A Donation will be made to Charities
Food provided after the race and bar available

Maltby Abbey Dash 2017

Wednesday 5th July, 2016
Maltby Catholic Club,
S66 7LE
6.15pm for 7pm start

A superb undulating trail run of approximately 4.5 miles around the beautiful historic ruins of Roche Abbey through fields, over waterfalls and on paths in memory of Luke Barber.

Entry Fee £5.00 (unattached £7.00)
A Donation will be made to Charity
Food provided after the race and bar available

KMR 2017

KMR series for 2017

First race is at Bassingthorpe on 12/03/2017 and organised by Rotherham Harriers

KMR-1 Bassingthorpe Trail Race 12/03/2017
KMR-2 Maltby Memorial Race 03/05/2017
KMR-3 Kimmy Kanter 06/06/2017
KMR-4 Ulley Res 21/06/2017
KMR-5 Roche Abbey Dash 05/07/2017
KMR-6 Milton 5kms 19/07/2017
KMR-7 Butchers Dog Leg 03/08/2017
KMR-8 Toffee Run 17/08/2017
KMR-9 Wickersley Chase 30/09/2017
KMR-10 Canal Race 05/11/2017
KMR-11 Santas Special 17/12/2017
KMR-12 Braithwell Boxing Day Race 26/12/2017

BBC Sport - Sport

Culture Vultures Rich Pickings in Cyprus

Following a week of expanding their cultural knowledge (and possibly waistlines) on archaeological sites, wine, beer and great food, club members and friends "dug in" and picked up several category prizes at the 2015 Marathon Event in Cyprus.

The weather was brilliant with our sea view location offering amazing sunsets and Maltby members relaxed in the traditional way (see first paragraph) in the days before the event. The club concentrated on the Half Marathon and 10 Kilometre events and were very successful in trying conditions with constant sun and temperatures of 20 degrees.

Set against the back drop of Pathos Castle, pride of place goes to Lindsay Rust who alighted the podium as 1st Lady in the 35-39 category in the 10 Kilometre Road Race. Barbara Rusling gained 2nd Lady placing in the 50-54 Half Marathon category. Paul Hewlett and Tony Redfern also suffered the heat to complete the Half Marathon event.

Back in the 10 Kilometre race, Brian Lowndes and second claim member John Proffitt (running for Clowne) came second in the 65-69 and 70+ categories respectively. With Gill Hewlett’s 2nd place in the women 50-54 and Bob Houghton’s 3rd position in the 60-64 range the 6.23 mile event was a good hunting ground for the club. Dave Sears, Ray Matthews, Jim Rust (who walked the course due to a recent injury) and longstanding club friend Maz Kingston also completed the course. 1st Lady in the 60-64 category was another longstanding friend of the club, Chris Stimpson.

Celebrations were plentiful and special mention must go to the fantastic support the runners received from Judith, Sheila, Jan, Maureen, Lynda, Anne and Mick. One supporter who could not make the event however, was Julie who suffered a fall on her first day in Cyprus and spent the rest of the holiday in pot. We wish her a speedy recovery. On a lighter note John Proffitt’s post match carbohydrate re-load was savagely interrupted when someone stepped on his banana! However, all was forgotten (possibly) when John "stepped" on to the rostrum at the presentation ceremony.

All in all a wonderful week (even Julie got a 2nd place albeit a quick boarding onto the plane due to her injury.

The official race timings are as follows:-

10 Kilometre Race

  • Bob Houghton - 48:44 - 53rd
  • Lindsay Rust - 49:44 - 66th
  • Brian Lowndes - 49:52 - 67th
  • John Proffitt - 53:05 - 95th
  • Maz Kingston - 55:14 - 126th
  • Gill Hewlett - 58:03 - 150th
  • Christine Stimpson - 60:00 - 166th
  • Dave Sears - 64:05 - 191st
  • Ray Matthews - 76:31 - 255th
  • Jim Rust - 97:32 - 310th
Half Marathon
  • Barbara Rusling - 1:51:01 - 82nd
  • Paul Hewlett - 2:17:57 - 191st
  • Tony Redfern - 2:17:59 - 192nd

For full race results and the gallery click this!

A Big Thanks!

A cheque for £585 has been given to British Heart Foundation. This is a donation from the Memorial Race & Bawtry Forest races.

Many thanks to everybody who took part in these races

For more details about the British Heart Foundation click Here!

Round Rotherham 2014

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the runners and supporters who came and enjoyed the day.Thanks especially to those who had to put extra effort into last minute learning of sections due to our changes, and we wish a speedy recovery to those too ill or injured to take part.

We are really proud as all our team members who ran their socks off.

(Results to follow soon...)

'Normal Saturday - lay-in .....til 7 ....'

(by Paul Hewlett)
...Except, today is Rowbotham's Round Rotherham Relay race day so 05:40 breakfast, load the car and away. Plenty of time, we've missed the walkers start at 06:00 but we might get there to see the full 50 mile runners start at 07:00...

...Except, not being fully with it, we set the sat nav which takes into the middle of nowhere! Now we are stressed, time ticking away driving on roads we have never seen before. We gradually blunder our way around getting parked for about 07:30, now we need some runners. Just in case, Gill has her running gear on and mine is in the car. Big relief to see Damian (Maltby Merrymakers) and Phil (Maltby Maelstrom) as neither of us knows the first leg anyway (we brought maps!). 08:00 arrives and twenty five relay teams are off. First texts of the day fly out as we follow Jim to Wentworth and cheer the first runners through. In spite of his recent injury and lack of training Damian comes through in third place. The two teams in front are, as expected Clowne and Kimberworth, both open teams, that means Maltby are first mixed team ! WOW!.

Moving on to Grange the stress begins to build as the Clowne and Kimberworth runners come through the checkpoint. Damian comes through still in third so Steve can get on his way but Worksop are close behind (but these are also an open team). I now lose track as relay teams are coming through together with walkers/runners doing the full 50miles and as soon as Phil comes in, handing over to Paul we shoot off to the next checkpoint at Treeton - more texting en route.

Ignoring the sat nav this time we pull in to a car park but this does not look right. Loads of runners about, but no recognisable vests and lots of young people - wrong place. Back in the car we make our way around to the checkpoint to find the stage three runners, Gail and Sarah (Attwood) already there, raring to go.

We see a Kimberworth runner and then a Clowne runner and don�t understand what�s happening until Steve arrives. Kimberworth have taken over first place and the Merrymakers are still in third ahead of Worksop. There are now lots of 50 milers coming through and we get our first view of Robert Streets here. Paul comes through ok, hands over to Gail and we are off to Harthill passing Sarah at the Rother valley park entrance on the way, yet more texting. Driving down the road to Harthill we see a red shirt (Clowne) really powering along the trail but the first two teams had passed the checkpoint by the time we arrive so we do not know 1st and 2nd place. At this point we now have some separation in our teams and after Sarah hands over to Ian, we get to see Sue (Keens) and running partner Lizzie, Sally and Robert (all looking really good) pass through before Gail hands over to Mick. Gill had to scrounge a lift through to Woodsetts as the next few stages are short and she needed to be there for the changeover. Texting starting to get a bit frantic now. Woodsetts and the two teams have separated and I don�t know where either team is placed. As I pull up in the car and get out, Gill gets in and drives off and I will only get brief glimpses of her now until the end of the race. Gill has seen the Ian/Martin changeover and while waiting for Mick we again see Sue and Lizzie come bounding through the checkpoint. After Sarah (Southern) takes up the baton I scrounge a lift with Susan (Southern) and head on to Firbeck. Apparently texting was now getting fraught.

No Gill at Firbeck but I did get to briefly thank Martyn for his efforts before he headed off with Ian to the finish. No-one knows where the teams were placed but it was possible that we were still first mixed team. My turn for a bit of extra stress, Paul (Southern) has gone to bring David back to Firbeck for his stint but has not returned, just thinking about getting my running kit out and realised it was in the car with Gill! � who is now phoning me but I have no signal and the call just drops out. Anyway, Sarah arrives, David leaves and so do I.

Maltby and a nice cup of coffee courtesy of Jim, manning the checkpoint together with Judith, Maureen, Sheila, Bob, Ray and Steve. Lindsay has already handed over to Caroline and all I can do now is wait for David to arrive and hand over to Bob.

Old Denaby, last changeover, and as at Maltby, the Merrymakers have already left so no photos of Caroline or Gavin. Finish - Susan arrives, cakes all round.

Well done everyone!

Three teams next year....?

Bubble Foundation

As a result of our latest successful Abbey Dash in July, we have made a donation totalling £500 to the Bubble Foundation charity- this included a cheque for £100 from Hewletts Happy Hens - keep on laying!

Many thanks to everybody who took part and everybody who helped, especially Mick & Paula for the raffle - we hope to see you all again in 2015

Maltby Malta Magic

Maltby Running Club took a contingent of runners and supporters to Malta for the recent Vodaphone Malta Marathon, Half Marathon and Walkathon.

We had a great week of sun, culture, bus riding, ferry hopping, walking and the usual wine, beer and local brandy tasting, which is really the essential part of getting to know the culture of far flung places (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it).

Oh yes and there was the pesky business of completing a race as well for some of us.

Pride of place goes to Barbara Rusling did a really creditable time of 3:58:38 to complete the Full Marathon.

Times for the Half Marathon were:-

  • Brian Lowndes - 1:45:01 (2nd in Over 65 category)
  • Tony Redfern - 1:54:49
  • John Proffitt - 1:55:59 (2nd in Over 70 category)
  • Gill Hewlett - 2:05:43
  • Paul Hewlett - 2:05:43
  • Bob Houghton - 2:07:09 (1st in the Frank Spencer accident prone category)
  • Dave Sears - 2:10:13
  • Linda Pogson - 2:27:11
  • Ray Matthews - 2:46:16
As always we were brilliantly supported by Jan Sears, Sheila Houghton, Maureen Matthews, Ann Redfern, Julie McLaughlin ,Lynda Proffitt and Steve Lawson who also took over 400 photographs to immortalise the event. These can be seen in the The Gallery.

Brian Lowndes, superpensioner

Congratulations to BRIAN LOWNDES, who hasn’t let his recently acquired pensioner status slow him down.

When many people are think that becoming 65 means a life of slippers, bus passes and watching sport on the TV, Brian has been running faster than ever, winning medals in the 2013 South Yorkshire cross country league and championships and the Silkstone Shuffle cross country race series. He was also awarded a prize in this year’s Palermo half marathon in sunny Sicily. Brian even took up triathlon this year, competing in the Southwell triathlon. Brian attributes his success to cross training and says that the swimming and bike sessions, plus core fitness classes at Maltby Leisure Centre, helped him train hard whilst avoiding injury.

Well that’s the official version. Somewhat nearer the truth is that Brian just cannot stand anyone beating him in a race and so will resort to any means possible to defeat the opposition, including both fair means and foul. Now that we have worked out what his ‘tactics’ are, he has found that these don’t work anymore and he has had to resort to training properly and taking his vitamin pills like the rest of us have to.

Wave the flag!

Maltby Running Club - no hiding place!

You will be able to spot us easily, just look for the flag.

We'll be flying the flag at as many events as possible so if you want to talk to us to find out about our forthcoming events, look for the flag!

2013 Challenge – 13 half marathons in 12 months

Apart from problems with necks, shoulders, backs, stomachs, hips, groins, hamstring, knees, calf, ankles, achilles, feet and toes the 13 half marathons were fairly uneventful!

Paul H, Gill and Susan completed the challenge in October/November with Paul S also completing 6 events (Work commitments and injuries seriously interfering with his plans)

Total distance run in the challenge was 589.5miles, and time taken to run/limp/hobble this distance was 93 hours 57 minutes and 43 seconds.

Slowest run of the year – Paul with a 2hrs 21mins 41s.

Fastest run of the year – Susan with 1hr 49mins 8s

All of this effort was to raise money for Bassetlaw Hospice – so if you want to donate see Paul H, Paul S, Gill, or Susan or use the Virgin Money Giving website

Thanks to everyone for your support throughout the year and many thanks for all donations.

Palermo 2013 - ora solo un ricordo

Another outing with Maltby Tours - or should that be Roberto’s Ramblings? After surviving M25 to Gatwick and everybody’s luggage weighing in under 20kg - only just, in one case, we were ready for a relaxing week on the island of Sicily. But we hadn’t reckoned with wall to wall traffic, flooded roads, erupting volcanoes and overloaded goody bags!

Our hotel was superb with comfortable rooms, plentiful breakfasts and helpful, English speaking reception staff.

Some intrepid members of our party hired cars for jaunts to the more far-flung parts of the island, but only after escaping the clutches of the local traffic. Etna eruptions paused long enough to allow access to the lower slopes. Siracusa and Agrigento were also on the itinerary for the culture vultures.

Meanwhile, Karen ventured into Mafia heartland to visit her family complete with fedora and violin case. Apparently parts of animals not normally eaten were swallowed in the cause of hospitality!

Meanwhile, those of us staying closer to base were pounding the pavements and riding local buses, as we visited cathedral, palaces, villas, gardens, the Opera House royal box where Al Pacino sat – no cultural highlights were overlooked.

As usual, the hook for the holiday was a race, in this case a half marathon. Much angst was caused in entering, but it turned out right in the end. Race day was the hottest of our stay, much to the dismay of some runners, but they all survived the close attention of cyclists, pedestrians and car drivers who don’t normally stop for red lights! Needless to say, Bob had chosen our hotel with spectators in mind - can’t think of another race where we saw each Maltby runner 3 times, just by turning round! Runners and cheerers all maintained the highest standards of MRC and performed up to expectations, finishing in this order:

  • Sarah Attwood

  • Brian Lowndes

  • Barbara Rusling

  • Bob Houghton

  • Gill Hewlett

  • Paul Hewlett

  • Linda Pogson & Ray Matthews
Well done to you all.

The week flew by and all too soon we were back to winter at Gatwick and the M25, but after Palermo traffic, it seemed quite tame – at least it all went in the same direction!

Well done, Bob, thanks to all your hard work, another successful episode of the soap opera “Maltby on Tour”

Featured Articles

Hubble Bubble - toil and......£360

Following last month's successful Abbey Dash run on the 3rd July, a cheque for £360 has been sent to the Bubble Foundation UK.

The foundation aims to raise funds to assist in the care & treatment of children diagnosed with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, children born with a gene deficiency that means they are can't fight infection. There are only 2 centres in the UK & Ireland to treat these children, Newcastle & Great Ormond Street Hospital. They aim to continue to raise both funds & awareness of SCID so we can offer the best chance of success to children who have travelled to them from Birmingham right up to Scotland, Northern Ireland & Eire.

For more information about The Bubble Foundation click Here!;

Many thanks to all runners & everybody who helped, especially Mick, Paula & their families for doing the raffle

Maltby Tours

2014 Malta Marathon - Done and dusted...

But where next??

Valencia perhaps?

We wait in anticipation.

A weekend in France and Belgium ...... 'Remembering'

Maltby Runners together with those from Clowne, Tickhill and Worksop took part in an historic half marathon in Belgium. The Course De Souvenir is run on the 11th November every year and commemorates the Armistice of the 1914-18 War. This emotional race runs past many war graves in the Ploegsteert area of Belgium, the scene of ferocious fighting during the First World War. Over 1400 runners completed the 21 kilometre run with many others running in the 8 kilometre run.

Surprise and welcome visitors for the Maltby contingent were 5 of our friends from ACPI St Quentin including Christian, Dominique and Bruno, who made the 75 minute journey to run (and drink) with their English friends.

Maltby Runners completing the course finished in the following times:-

    Barbara Rusling 1:46:20
    Bob Houghton 1:57:15
    Tony Redfern 2:00:39
    Laura Schuller 2:00:39
    Dave Sears 2:06:03
    Lynne Schuller 2:28:29

Maltby second claim members running their first claim colours of Clowne were:

    Simon Sleney 1:23:19
    Denis Learad 1:35:24
    John Proffitt 1:49:09

Brian, who was carrying a hip injury, had to retire after a mile after a valiant attempt to complete the course.

Once again, special mention must go to our brilliant supporters, who seemed to be all over the course during the race. Take a bow Jim, Judith, Sheila, Jan, Linda, Barbara, Julie and Mrs R.

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Where and When?

The Club meets, on Tuesday and Thursday at 6.30pm in the car park at Maltby Leisure Centre. We cater for runners of all standards. Feel free to come along and run at your pace and distance. For club members we also train on Sunday mornings usually from Maltby Leisure Centre at 9:00am. However, each month there is a change of venue to cater for runners who do not live in Maltby. Check this website for details...

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Next Grand Prix Event Details


In The Beginning.....

This local club was founded in 1983 when four regulars at The Sheppey pub in Maltby decided that they ought to do something about getting fit! So, Brian Lowndes, Dave Thorpe, Malc Stevenson and Barry Morgan started pounding the streets. When Mansfield Breweries kindly sponsored them, enabling them to buy kit, they officially became The Sheppey Running Club.

Many years and many changes have followed these humble beginnings. The club went from strength to strength, changing its name and competing in athletics events as well as road races. In the early 90's, the junior team often swept the board in the South Yorkshire Road Races, and senior members were, and still are, placed well up the field.

The club still takes part in as many local races as possible, forging links with various clubs in the area, enjoying both the competitive and social aspects of the meetings. These almost always, still, start and finish in a pub, as refreshment is always essential after a hard race!

Members also run in events such as The London Marathon, The Great North Run and the Skye Half Marathon, and achieve very respectable times. But Maltby Running Club is also proud to be able to claim international status, as members have travelled thousands of miles to take part in marathons and half marathons! Majorca, Benidorm, Cyprus, New York, Paris, Portugal and Las Vegas are just a few of the exotic locations visited.

As well as working on personal fitness levels, this club also works for the benefit of others, regularly organizing races to generate money for various charities. Over the years, in excess of £5000 has been raised and donated, mainly to The British Heart Foundation, The Bubble Appeal in Newcastle and PACT in Sheffield. £700 has been raised over the last twelve months and more will be added in September from the Bawtry Forest Trail run.

Members come from various outlying districts, not just from Maltby, and if you too would like to improve your fitness levels, join them in the car park of the Leisure Centre at 6.30pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and 9.30am on Sundays for a longer run.

Club Photo Archive

Club Photo News

Club's Who's who

President -Jim Rust
Chair -Bob Houghton
Club Secretary -Brian Lowndes
Treasurer -Jan Sears
Press & Membership -Dave Sears
Team Captain (Men) -Paul Hewlett
Team Captain (Women) -Gill Hewlett

If you need to contact us then one of the above people will be happy to help - Click Here!

MRC Grand Prix 2018

Sorry - no fixtures for 2018 as yet. Please call back!

Race Results

Not what youre after? So how did YOU do? Click Here!

BAWTRY FOREST TRAIL FAMILY RUN 201710th September 2017
ABBEY DASH - 20151st July 2015
MALTBY MEMORIAL RUN 20156th May 2015
BAWTRY FOREST 2014 TRAIL XL FINAL7th September 2014
BAWTRY FOREST 2014 XL FINAL7th September 2014
MEMORIAL RUN 20147th May 2014
TURKEY TROT 2013 - FINAL26th December 2013
MEMORIAL RUN 201322nd May 2013
BAWTRY FOREST 20129th September 2012
ELMTON CHASE RESULTS 201227th June 2012
CLOWNE HALF MARATHON27th November 2011
KIMMY KANTER14th June 2011
OXSPRING SYCAA30th March 2011
MEMORIAL RACE26th May 2010
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